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"This is my weight loss success story and I did it with the help of my incredible trainer, Herve. As an ambitious doctoral student, sitting in front of the computer for hours doing research came with a whopping 40 lbs weight gain. Fed up with several trials of failed diet plans, turning to Herve as my personal trainer, at my university fitness center changed my life. He motivated me to stay fit and healthy and prepared weekly work out plans for me. I have lost 40 lbs following Herve’s recommendations and maintaining a healthy diet over the course of 1 year. Thanks to him I have my confidence back and feel great"

Ermira B

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"I was amazed at the results Herve helped me achieve. I got into the best shape of my life, losing 30 pounds in the process! He kept every workout at the right intensity to keep me moving forward, without overdoing it. Each workout was tailor-made just for me, working around any sore spots I had. He even helped heal a shoulder injury that had been bothering me for months. Being able to workout in my own living room, over internet video, made a huge difference. It was so much easier than trying to find a sitter so I could go to the gym! Herve's gentle, persistent encouragement definitely helped too. Thank you, Herve"


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"I'm a mother of a toddler while working as a health care proffesional.   And would of never thought a workout plan with my busy schedule could yield such quick results. With the guidance, non stop motivation,  and coaching, Herve helped me already lose a total of 15 lbs in two months!  Pushing myself to reach my fitness goals in the past have been a true challenge. Nowadays, I look myself in the mirror and say "look how far i've become ", " who can stop me now!?! " Thank you, Herve!"

Romina Y

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"I HATE to work out!  Herve wrote me a workout plan that I could change up and pick the exercises that I wanted to do that day. The same every day routine makes me quit the gym after a week so this was great and I could do my entire workout in 20 minutes! To make it even better he gave exercises I could do where I didn’t even have to go to the gym. I always hesitate to work out because I did not want to lose weight my ultimate goal was to gain muscle and get toned without losing the weight and within 2 weeks I noticed a change and so did everyone around me. Herve’s work out plan made working out an enjoyment I never knew what to do when I went to the gym, now I LOVE going.

Amanda J

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