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Herve specializes in personal/group training & high-end lifestyle services in South Florida. He has worked with many individuals all over the world and can help you get the results you want. Herve provides a number of services to accommodate your needs. Those services include one on one personal & online training, group training, workout programs, fitness branding services & more.

Herve Doliska a native of Maryland made move to South Florida ensuing his college graduation in January of 2012 to start his personal training and fitness business. His move was inspired by the passion for fitness and sports in South Florida. What better way to take part in it, then to help those in need of assistance. Herve is a graduate from West Virginia University, where he earned his bachelors degree in Exercise Physiology and Multidisciplinary Studies. West Virginia University is  also where he received his personal training certification and excelled as a personal trainer. A lot of Herve's knowledge within this field has come from personal experience, participating in sports, and his college education. Sport & exercise psychology, personal training, strength & conditioning, exercise physiology, and communications were Herve's other areas of study in college as an undergrad at West Virginia University.

Herve has been a fitness & wellness specialists for 10 years. This career means a lot to him. He has a passion for helping others get better, reach their goals, and see results/ success.

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